NCIDQ Exam Preparation

The Council for Interior Design Qualification, or CIDQ, is the global leader in establishing standards of competence for interior design/interior architecture professionals.

CIDQ protects public health, safety and welfare by identifying interior designers who have the knowledge and experience to create interior spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and safe.

An independent, nonprofit organization of state and provincial credentialing bodies, CIDQ has issued professional certificates to competent interior design professionals since 1974. Interior designers who meet the eligibility requirements for education and experience and pass the rigorous NCIDQ Exam are assigned a unique NCIDQ Certification number that attests to their qualifications for employers, state regulators and the general public.

NCIDQ Examination
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Candidate focused:

  • Release of new NCIDQ Candidate Handbook ( – This is the primary source of information for the NCIDQ Exam and provides individuals with everything they will need to know and understand while going through the certification process. Candidates applying for and planning to take the NCIDQ Exam should read this handbook and familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures outlined.
  • Introduction of Remote Proctoring for the IDFX and IDPX Exams ( – Starting with the upcoming spring (April) 2022 exam administration, individuals will now be able to take the IDFX and IDPX Exams at a date and time that is convenient for them via their home or office computer, making the exams much more accessible.  All 3 exams will continued to be administered at Prometric test centers around the world; those taking the Practicum will be required to take it in-person at a Prometric test center.
  • Updated Exam Day Rules ( – We have updated our Exam Day Rules, which includes a new bio break policy specific for the IDFX and IDPX Exams.
  • Streamlined Study Resources ( – Both the exam blueprints and Practicum Exam resources are in direct alignment with the actual exams.  For the Practicum Exam specifically, we have streamlined the exam codes to include what is relevant for the current exam administration only.

Advocacy focused:

  • Release of NCARB/CIDQ Joint Report on Architecture and Interior Design ( - video is also available on this page) – This joint report explores exploring the similarities and differences between the essential knowledge, skills, and tasks required for competency in each profession.
  • Release of NCIDQ Exam Development video ( – Check out this video and learn about how the NCIDQ Exam is developed, starting with a practice analysis all the way through administrating the exam and doing a psychometric analysis.  This video will help you better understand the rigorous steps involved in developing a fair, valid, reliable, and legally defensible exam.
  • Continued announcements via our Advocacy Bulletin ( and providing a resource for individuals to learn about the requirements when it comes to each jurisdiction that has interior design regulation in place (

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